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TD5 Overfueling


Shifting Up
Recently after a battery change my TD5 started to run smoother and pull better. Now I find that when using high revs and pulling hard she produces a lot of black smoke.Has anyone any experience of this? Could it be that the air flow meter has gone faulty? Any ideas greatfully recieved.Trying to avoid the main stealers.
I would say its either a complete coincidence or youve hit the nail on the head with the air flow meter. I cant see how changing the battery would affect things..

The only way to be sure is to plug it into Rovacom or Testbook and have a look at the live display and error log.
I've just replaced a faulty AFM. What a difference, I hadn't had TD5 long and was very dissapointed with perfomance to the point I was going to get an upgrade:eek: Faulty AFM didn't show on testbook???? and it was a lucky stab in the dark to try new AFM.Garage seemed to think there was nothing wrong, they just explained that when the TD5 first came out that my "problem" was the main gripe of farmers etc. Whilst the faulty unit was in place, there was no black smoke.

I love my "new motor" now!
Faulty AFM didn't show on testbook????

Really, was that test book or the fault of the operator??

Most of the time the ECU won't log a fault (i.e. fault codes etc) if the AFM stops working correctly, but it is very obvious if you check the live data page.
Every Td5 I've seen with a dodgy AFM simply returns a Zero in the live page, i.e. a nominal value, which means no fault code is logged.

Yet if you check the live data pages, it is clearly obvious that the AFM is faulty.

This has been the case on the last 2 Td5's I've worked on.

Must be they don't fully understand how to use text book then? The only thing he could tell me was that the EGR had stuck at some point. I used to have a lot of faith in this "specialist" LR garage:(
When I've got some spare dosh (tax mans having a beefer out of me at min), and I've got fed up with the performance (not that it's bad now) I'm definatly gonna try the upgrade:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I'm just gonna enjoy the new "pull" for a few months;) To all the people I upset by slagging of the TD5, I appologise:eek: I just wanted my 200TDi back!(not any more):D
I too had Tdi's for a long while before the TD5. The TD5 took a bit of getting used to, especially when off-road. Wouldn't go back to a Tdi now though.

Word of advise though re performance upgrades (for when you get to needing that extra ooomph)... Don't get a plug in box, go for a proper remap. We have taken many customers plug in boxes out in favour of a remap. Plugin boxes, by enlarge, do not give satisfactory results in TD5s.
Does a faulty afm usually produce overfueling in your experience or could this be something else at fault.

It can, but not usually that bad...

There are other things that can cause smoke too:

The main ones are....

  • Delaminating/Split Intercooler Hose (s)
  • Faulty EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve - or EGR modulator filter blocked
  • Blocked Air Intake - including a dirty air filter

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