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TD5 problem! Any ideas


In Fourth Gear
Not my TD5 but a mates. Got this thought email. Its a TD5 110: Sounds weird to me

"Have you ever had an probs with fuel supply/leaking etc? My Landy is now leaking (spraying at high pressure) fuel from somewhere under the turbo... Since I washed it on monday night it hasn't run quite right.... Just a slight loss of power!?!?!?

When I left for work this morning there was a big patch of oil/diesel on the yard... Got to work and checked under the bonnet... everything under the turbo is soaked in what I'm 99% sure is fuel and not oil... Could smell it burning where it hit the exhaust...

Got home from work and had a proper look.... Tightened a flange on an oil pipe... Trundled up the road for a test run..... Seemed ok, turned round and came back.....

About 300 yards from our drive it revved itself FLAT OUT...!!! I had to turn the key to stop it and coast into the yard!?!?!?!?!?

I'm never washing it again!!!!!!!! (And, no I didn't wash under the bonnet!?) "



Ps: What could make it rev to the max etc ???
Diesels usually "run away" (run to the max) because it's running on its own oil. However, I don't know that much about TD5's, and my other guess would be, the ECU putting more diesel in thinking there's none being injected because its leaking out everywhere.
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