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TD5 Tailgate problems


In Second Gear
Been having major problems with tailgate on Vreg TD5 - the outside Mech has been playing me up for some time, spraying WD40 work a little, but today I think the mech broke good and proper when I slammed it shut - wont open at all. Have had the inside panel out and can see the mech isn't engaging - understand this could be a spring issue? Problem is I can't see how to unlock the door to get at the inside - Can anyone give me instructions or a photo link to show me how to unlock the door to get at the mech. thanks
I have currently got this problem - it is just sticking at the moment - i get around this by using a key or screw driver to poke over the top of the metal curved element in the handle on the outside back door. As it always sticks in the up position i can then just lever it back down, it then catches the mechanism and unlocks ok.

Cheers, medusan
I use spray grease a couple of times per year, the sort with the spray tube. It's a bit messy, but works a treat. WD-40 only lasts about a week on my car.

If it gets really bad, remove the landrover badge to get at the latch properly.
thanks for your suggestion, but unfortunately we're way beyond lubrication - the mechanism has broken and wont engage at all now - and I can't understand how to get the door open. Surely I don't have to force the door open with a crowbar?
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