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the scavenger's are out

Yep, heard though that some of the containers have in them the airbag gas holding module things that give the bang for your cars airbag. Can just see it now someone picking one up going whats this, and hitting it on a rock.....
the police are said to be there handing out bits of paper to anyone who wishes to remove any item from the beach . just to say if the rightful owner wants to claim it back they can
One report said you could have anything between high and low water mark.
There have been a couple of upsidedown BMWs there all day and no one nicked the wheels!
Be interesting to see what ends up in the forum sales section.
im thinking of popping down there on the week end.
i believe there are a few containers containing exhausts.
probably my best chance of getting one that actually fits:D
You reckon the Cops'd come chasing after us in one of their diddly ickle Twin Squirrels?........"Put that back!:Cross:".....as eight tonnes of car parts gently swing off in to the sunset.

Its a beautiful image Bob.

Hey Nobber, just an idea, but if you put your exhaust in a tea chest and set it afloat in the channel for a month, it might get so knocked about that it fits. Then again it might just rust to dust.
Count me in as well gents ;) . Was watching it on telly tonight and having a right laugh - it's fantastic .Wish i was a bit closer else i'd be down there .
Last time we saw anything like that was the Cita on the scillies - there is even a wee book about her with some cracking pics of the salvagers ( looting nutters ) .

As far as i can make out you are legally entitled to remove anything you want . This must be declared to the Receiver of Wreck , who will see you either given a salvage award or you could be offered the goods at a knock down rate ( depending on the effort you expended ) .

In fact some enterprising individual could actually start a salvage company ( a few yellow jackets with salvage on the back ) and drag the containers up the beach with a quarry sized excavator - fence them in and then demand payment for their return .
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