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The Three Amigos - ABS/HDC/TC lights (again)


In Third Gear
I know there are a (fair few) threads on this, but I'd like a bit of advice please.
After intermittent, but very infrequent, ABS/HDC/TC light appearances over the last couple of years (solvable by turning on and off the engine and it would go away for a few months), during Q4 last year, the 'three amigos' decided that they would stay permanently on for me. My local independant checked out my ABS sensors etc and found nothing awry, and suggested to get th local dealer rto run diags. Which they did and £195 and one ABS modulator 'repair kit' later, the lights were gone.
Ding-Dong. Two weeks later they come back after driving for an hour or so, but go away when the enigine is switched off and on. This happens almost every trip now.
Took it back to the dealer and they ran further checks today.
Called me and said I need a new ABS Modulator - Mine for only £1100 + 2 hours fitting. You Are Having A Laugh I said.

Q. What If I do nothing and leave the lights to ding-dong on every now and then.? Am I putting myself and familty at risk ?
Q. If they decide to become permanent residents of my dashboard again, I assume it would cause an MOT fail ?

Any further ideas or words of comfort to solve this once and for all ? :(

Probably irellevant, but when all this started to first happen (and perhaps this may have some bearing now), I always noticed that it was a very cold or frosty day outside when the 3 lights came on.

It's a 1999 TD5 91K miles.
Was it a front sensor that was repaird? if so a fault can develop in the loum (sp?) this shows up on testbook as a faluty sensor

this is the cheepest option ....

It is an mot failure if it is on at the time of the test, when the lights are on the anti lock braking sytem will not operate due to it recognising a fault, so you will just have normal braking, no abs. No danger really but it wont help in an emergancy.

The abs modulator repair is for the 'shuttle valves' inside the modulator, i guess when the dealer checked the faults first time they tried the repair kit as its a hell of a lot cheaper and there is a bulletin that says replace the valves. If the same faults (shuttle valves) reappear then it is a new modulator i'm afraid, this is all stated in the technical bulletin from land rover.
Sorry to dig up this old thread, but I have the same issue on my 2002 Disco II Td5 auto.

The thing is, the ABS still works fine. The TC, ABS and HDC lights are staying on. They don't go away when I turn the ignition off an on again.

Any idea - sensors, loose wire????

If it were the ABS modulator I imagine that the ABS would not work at all?
Same thing has happened to my `99 TD5 with 70k. Lights first appeared a few weeks ago in very wet weatjher with localised flooding and huge puddles although nothing the TD5 shouldn`t be ok with. I suspected corrosion on the diff lock switch and a build up of mud or whatever., This was suggested to me by a LR mechanic, the diff lock switch will disable the TC and ABS if engaged therefore all lights on. After a bit they would flicker and go out. When restarted all ok then would come on again after a few miles.
The abs is not disabled when this light is on, I checked it on gravel and there is no question that abs is working..also the diff lock is not engaged which was my biggest worry. Its going in for testbook next week so I`ll keep you posted, if they tell me its a modulator then why is the abs still operative?
I think half the time they take a stab at it and guess..its not their money after all.

That's the thing - when the lights are all on, I would say the ABS is definately still working, though LR suggest that not to be the case.
Since having the ABS 'repair kit' applied a few weeks back, the ABS/HDC/TC lights are still now only coming on infrequently (once every 4 or 5 days) , and clear again when engine turned off/on.

I had the same problem. The dealer fitted a new shuttle valve on the abs module and now they've gone away!

Testbook shows this fault now, and you can replace a shuttle valve, even though some say you cant!

Hope this helps

Hi Si..how long since you had the shuttle valves replaced?..or more importantly how many miles ago?
First post by BillW it returned after a bit. I have not had it in yet, probably have to wait now for a couple of weeks as I don`t have the time. Meantime lights continue to be intermittent, also its running as normal..abs ok.


The shuttle valve repair kit was installed 10k miles ago....circa 3months ago....driven evey day since...and no more lights and chimes!

Thanks Si..thats encouraging, I`de heard several stories of the problem returning after a thousand miles or so.
I`ll keep you posted

I think the only way to get these damn lights out once and for all is to take a claw hammer to the dash board!!! Is this really an MOT fail if lights are on for test? surely if all systems are functioning it can't be a fail? I have read lots of different "fixes" for this problem on this forum but how the hell are you supposed to tell which one it is you need? My disco thinks its dating the rovacom computer they spend so much time together. At this rate i will be putting my mechanics kids through cambridge!
Last update on mine is:

We took it to the dealer and the diagnostic was that a valve inside the ABS modulator is failing. So the opened up and tried a fix. It worked for 5 months, but failed again. They said this could happen and if it did the next fix was to change the modulator for a new one. I haven´t done it, but I wanted you guys to know what was going on.
The replacement shuttle valve didn't work for me - even though it was demonstrably faulty. Still, he only charged me £35 for it, so it was well worth a go. The next workshop session will either be a damned good shake of all the looms to see which connector block is playing silly ******s, or there's an option for a known good 2nd-hand modulator unit. I think we'll go for the loom-tugging option first, it's cheaper!
Sorry been away

I had a fault with the Pasenger front wheel senso, went back 4/5 times including reocuring on the garage forcourt after I had paid alot of money for it to be fixed!

There is an issue on the wireing to this sensor, I had mine replaced about 2 years ago and its been ok since (touch wood!)

Hmmm. The wiring was given a thorough going over on Friday, but to no effect. In fact, I can now have the Discovery sitting still with the ignition on but the engine not running and give it three minutes - and the lights appear. Amazing!

We have a known good used modulator turning up later this week, so we'll give that a whirl.

Apparantly, this is all good fun you know...
In my case at least, this is now Sorted - a known good used ABS Modulator has been fitted and everything immediately behaved. And still is.

This is usually the expensive way to go - the list price for one of these is £1,000. However, I've seen new ones vastly cheaper on eBay, and this was a used one - £110 with delivery, and my local LR specialist fitted it in less than an hour. Top man!
i have a 1999 td5 disco, 160.000miles,these 3 lights only strarted to come on a few days after i had new brake pipe fitted,would bleeding the brakes again sort it?

if i continue to drive with the lights on what if any damage will i cause?
the brakes (abs) seem to be working ok.

is the recall for the shuttle valve etc still valid?
this is obviously a world wide disco thing..............
I think this is covered elsewhere, but here's the basics:

Intermittent 3 Amigos that go away after a restart are usuallu caused by a bad connection in the modulator. That can be a switch failure, a dry joint on the internal connector and a faulty earthing of the two switches.

Hard failures where the lights are on all the time and won't go away are nearly (but not always) a wheel sensor fault.

Ours is intermittent, we went to Thetford on Sunday and back, not a peep. Started up outside the field today and the 3 Amigos failed to extinguish as normal.

I have got a spare modulator assy, and the repair kit with the switches which is about £32 or so.

My gut instinct is to do the connector mod first and see if that cures it, there's a very good write-up by Josh on the Virgin Islands Land Rover site:


In my case at least, this is now Sorted - a known good used ABS Modulator has been fitted and everything immediately behaved. And still is.

This is usually the expensive way to go - the list price for one of these is £1,000. However, I've seen new ones vastly cheaper on eBay, and this was a used one - £110 with delivery, and my local LR specialist fitted it in less than an hour. Top man!

And, very nearly a year later - it's given no further trouble. (There have been plenty of other issues, but not with the ABS!)
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