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Thinking of this chandaller..


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..for my loung, what you think???



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Very gothic, and erm, well, one has one in one's residence in Transylvania,

Erm, you are not buying it from igor are you, or I should our igor, rather than igor or igor.... as I would be upset if igor is trying to sell ours and it takes vone ages to collect so vany bones to be able to make vone... :)

Footnote - Read Terry Prachett for reference to igor... :D
looks like it's from that place in Rome with all the Monks skeletons (capuchin I think?). Went there last year. A bit creepy.......


it an old church in Czech, they dug up all the other monks ad used them for decoration :D

SOme of the other bits in the church are amzing, coats of arms (escuse the pun)...

Also wnt to the catacoombes in parris, again facinating if you like old bones being used as decorations like i do :D

****** me! That Chandelier was pinched from the ceiling in my shed (the posh one at the end of the garden) just before Christmas never thought I would see it again. I have had to put up with the sconces (baronial flame torches) positioned on the wall for light ever since.;)
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Del Boy & Rodders springs to mind :D

Funnily enough I thought exactly the same thing myself. I reckon that is the funniest ever event for me on TV, how I larrrrfed:D and I can't look at a chandelier anymore with breaking out into a smile:)

cheers, Tim
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