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Throttle pedal

I did, but i cut some neat pieces of chequer plate and riveted it to all my peddles, i have some off cuts of plate if you want me to sent you some cut to nearly the correct size for defender peddles, a little trimming and filing to neaten up, four holes drilled rivet, job done..

I will take and post a piccy of mine if you are interested...

I was sick of the brake and clutch rubber becoming slippery when my boots were muddy and wet, this sorted that problem right out..

I'm glad I'm not the only one :D :D
A couple of pics would be great.

I was thinking....
Range Rover automatic brake pedal. Then cut and weld the Defender brake pedal pad to the throttle pedal. :eek: :eek:

Margaret and I discussed this yesterday. I remarked how I'd done the pedals on the Sunbeam rally car. The throttle pedal was huge and actually had a bit that went under the brake pedal. The brake pedal was also huge the original clutch pedal looked tiny in comparison.
Truck should be back in about half an hour, will grab a piccy then,,

Yup, drove my pontiac when i was in NZ, the gas peddle in that is bigger than my booted foot :eek:

I put new rubbers on from the scrappy but chequer plate is a good idea if Toppa is providing it free

Do you wear rubber soled shoes (grip better than leather...)
I put new rubbers on from the scrappy but chequer plate is a good idea if Toppa is providing it free

I could send you some, it will only be cut roughly the right size, would need to be trimmed/filed..

I riveted mine on then filed it on the peddle to make a neat fit...

Picture of said peddles...



  • DSCF2072.jpg
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Thanks. My throttle pedal needs to be half as long again and twice as wide :D :D :D

The Plate is 3-4mm thick, i can send you a slice if you want to experiment with riveting a bigger piece than needed to the peddle? Ie increasing you throttle peddle footrint....

Someone said it's illegal to drive barefoot.. I don't know if that's true for cars but positive it is for motorcycles.
It does give a better feel to driving though :)
That throttle pedal. Did your have a sort of floppy plastic pad on the top of the pedal. If so did you remove it and apart from breaking it how ???

When i got the tuck mate, there was just a metal peddal, no cover on it at all..

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