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tight propshafts


Accelerating Away
Just bought front and rear propshafts for my 90 re-build (1990) Part numbers are FRC8390 front and FRC8392 rear.
Both shafts are fully closed when fitted (rear is tight front has 1/2" clearance) . VIN is FA****** is it possible these are the wrong shafts ? The parts book lists the numbers as correct for VIN.
Can anyone help?
Those are definitely the right part numbers - assuming you haven't got a V8 ...

Are they genuine or pattern? Also, I wonder if they are fine closed up and will only open up when there some movement in the suspension?
Cheers Bernie- on compression of the suspension i think the prop will need to shorten. Maybe the servo has been replaced c/w VIN plate and i actually need the earlier shafts ? got no way of finding out if they are shorter .
What axles / diffs are fitted to the 90.

Could be somone has [very kindly thank you!] stuck on a pair of Salisbury axles in place of the standard Rover items.

No offence but I take it you know the difference between the two types of axle?
Yes both rover axles-very kindly replaced by me ! although they are disco axles (discs all round) . Didnt think they made a difference. used the disco radius and trailing arms , the defender top link 2" lift polybushes and a richards chassis - could any or all of these things make a length change ? LT77 on original mounts ... oh the propshafts are pattern - Paddocks
If the truck is 1990 you have the right props, the earlier ones are for around 85/86.

It's not unkown for pattern parts to be 'not quite right', although I haven't heard of such a problem with propshafts. I wonder if it has something to do with the lift ... :dunno:
Hmm, props for a Disco of that vintage have a different part number ... :confused: Maybe that has something to do with it.
Waiting for a reply from Paddocks - hopefully they have stuck the wrong part numbers on the props;) . Getting overall measurements for all the different shafts would be handy.Any idea who would have that info ?
Blimey there's a question :D All I can find in the books is that Disco and Defender props are both 51mm in diameter, nothing about length.

Maybe try a technical dept at LR? Or a friendly local dealer hwo has them in stock?
The new front is 27mm longer than the old and the new rear is 20mm longer than the old. Funny thing is the one they sent as a rear (frc8392) has offline yokes suggesting a front shaft and the one they sent as a front (frc 8390) is in line like a rear.
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