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Timeing chain change


In Fourth Gear
I have a td4,its done almost 60000 mls,i know it has a chain,not a belt,but can anyone tell me when the recomended time is to change it.
I cant find any info in the service or hand book.
Thanks in advance.Quoman
As far as I know chains go forever and need no replacement. When they become too noisy there is a tensioner mounted to eliminate the play(noise) I think??
For some reason, I never scanned the TD4 pages.

I don't remember any set period, as Willo says. Noisey chains are common when the guides wear. Nissan Micras are a classic example. Change the oil very regularly and you shouldn't have a problem.

I'll check the book tomorrow when I go to Work, I took it there to do a Vectra.

Have never seen a service interval for them,but I have seen more than 1 Td4 that has done in excess of 150,000m without them being changed.
I'd be more worried about the VCU,IRD and rear diff.Not to mention the diff mounts,window regulators,heater resistor packs,anti roll bar links,low side fuel pumps,injectors, air flow meters,etc,etc.:D
Often wonder how much it has cost to get the other side of 150,000 tho.;)
Its TD4 an "interferance" engine? Its just that I was reading a description of the engine and it mentioned that pistons have cut-outs/recesses that act as a combustion chamber and provide "clearance for the valves". I wasn't sure if this clearance is sufficient to avoid damage or if it was just enought to avoid contact when everything is connected properly. Probably the latter I expect. I looked through a timing belt book I have that's a few years old and the only engine that wasn't labelled as "interferance" was the Lada. So I suppose pistons hitting valves is just part of the price for having modern high performance engines.
The only other ones that I can remember, that didn't hit the valves were the Ford Pinto and later CVHs, All Diesels will hit and every new engine.

It's better for the belt to snap, you lose half the valves, if it skips a few teeth, you wreck the lot.

True, Rangie, I forgot them. Golf and Polo were the luck of the draw, low revs used to just clear, didn't they?

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