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To the rescue


:) Interesting series of events this morning,
I get a call from one of my mates who's fishing on the beach asking if I can assist him to unstick a Toyota Surf as his SJ 410 is a little light,
so I toddle off in the defender to the rescue,
I then get the message that "I've managed to pull the surf free" but I still go and have a bit crack with the lad fishing.
As I pull up to my mate fishing I can see flashing blue lights of the costguard pickup following the track through the mud onto the beach but then they get stuck.
I give it a few minutes and drive over to see if I can offer assistance, apparently they are responding to a call from a Surf stuck on the beach, another coast guard unit and the police are on the way as well, I let them know that the vehicle was assisted by the suzuki and has left the beach 20 minutes ago.
A swift tow backwards out of the mud and alls well, they only had one wire strop amonsgt the 2 tons of gear crammed in the back of the pickup (Nissan). just to make sure there are no others stuck on the beach I nip over and ask my fishing mate if there areany other surfs stuck, there aren't then I return to the pickup and confirm alls well, the guy in the Surf had by this time arrived home and phoned the police to let them know he's ok. All's well that ends well. I do think the surf driver could have called the assistance of the police and coastguad off as soon as he was safe.
Plenty of lessons in communications to be learned there Marksman. Why did the Surf driver call the Coast Guard/ Police if the Tonka toy was having a go? Why didn't he call same when the Tonka toy was successful?

Well done though - did the CG/Police thank you for your help?

Yes, Coast guard guys were greatful for the assistance. Must agree, comms is essential, even though I new where I was going and the likely outcome I had told the wife what time I would be back, had my mobile phone , (and spare) PMR radio and had contacted my brother to be ready if further assistance was required. you can't be too prepared.;)
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