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todays daft question, door locks.........


Shifting Up
how hard is it to change the barrells in the locks? some tw@t has tried to pinch mine and messed up the lock... I've just bought a set form lr supermarket just want to know hard it is to fit em all, thought i may as well fit one to the fuel cap aswell while i'm at it, thanks dave
Do not try to remove the handles from the door. You will only end up buying new handles as well.

Remove the door card.

Look inside the door. You will see the screw head in the back of the barrel.
Line up that bolt head as best possible. Then drill a hole in the panel that will allow you to get a screwdriver onto the screw head. The screw head should be Phillips or Pozi.
Undo screw.
A key in the barrel and you should pull/push the barrel out.

The fuel cap. You have no chance whatsoever of changing that unless you buy a new cap.
Ooooo that's useful cos I just found out the reason mine isnt lockin/unlocking is cos the barrel isnt working right:confused: Now to find some new barrels:D
All I can say is thank BT :D Yep it's an ex BT Defender.

I needed to change the barrels on my Defender doors.
We did the drivers side first.
What a pain. :eek: We had one of the captive nuts come out from the handle. We glued it back in and it's still there.

Then we went to the passenger door. The interior plate was drilled. We soon drilled the drivers door to match in case the job needed doing again.
sounds like its going to be a fun day, just bought a new fule cap with keys, the so-called specialist who sold me the new barrels still claims the fuel cap barrell can b replaced, so i stripped it down, and liek people on the forum have said no u cant!!!
I put a new barrel in my drivers door handle and its all sloppy, when you putt the key out the barrel pulls out about 1/4" too, dont know what ive done wrong, new handle, new barrel.
I recently replaced the locks on our '95 110. Didn't need to drill any holes, as the retaining screw was directly accessible from inside the door panel. The workshop manual showed quite clearly what steps to take to replace the locks. It was a mildly fiddly job but no sweat, all 5 locks took about 1-1/2 hours total.

I did mine today, bought three from Island 4x4 on Ebay for a tenner. Undo the 10mm bolts holding the inner steel panel to the door and you can then get at the screw on the back of the barrel with a small pozi, then remove the plastic bits and push the barrel out. Once out you need to depress the small brass pin to pull off the plastic bit on the end. Took about an hour to do both sides and the rear door.

Also worth oiling all the linkages while your in there ;)
Yeh. Lots of people say this is a really easy job, and I'm sure it is on a relatively new door, or one that has been done before, but mine were a pain as well. When I bought the 110 the locks didnt work, much swearing, drilling and one new handle later (as the bolt sheared off in the back) and it was eventually done.
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