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todays stupid question??


Accelerating Away
What's the difference between modular wheels and 8 spokes?? Is there a difference? well apart from looks, I am getting some new tyres and fancied new wheels, my standard steel wheels are fairly knackered with rust... I am getting 235/85 R16 Colway AT if that makes a difference!!

I think it is the shape of the spokes so to say, but im sure someone will be along to correc tme..

From what i understand you tend to get a bigger offset on modulars, so in effect you can fit a wider tyre without having to fit spacers to stop them rubbing on the radius arms at full lock....wont be a problem with 235/85s though.
Modulars are less naff than 8 spokes? :D

22" chrome rims with spinners - way to go :dazcool:

Sorry, I'll get me coat :cheers:

Seriously, if you want steel rims go for Discovery 1 steel rims or the current Defender HD (wolf) rims, much more classy.
thanks for the replies, was opting for modular, but wanted to check, don't like the disco wheels, and wolf rims are a bit too pricey, thanks for the tip on where to get the wheels from!!
I went for silver modular wheels for my new Insa Turbo Special Tracks. I've currently got silver 8 spokes on the LR, and in silver I think they look OK. Don't think either is 'better' than the other though, its just a matter of personal taste I guess, and I fancied a change :D
I went for 8 spoke with my Colways in the end. See my avatar :)

I hope you're buying from http://www.tyresdirectuk.co.uk/!

£400 for 5, balanced fitted and next day delivery!

Which Colways, did you go for? I am looking for a set for my 110, and want to go as wide as possible!! Have you got the MT's or AT's and how do you find the tyre wear compared to BF's?

Looking for a slightly cheaper option to BF's.
Insa Turbo do some sexy looking treads in some sizes for those of you that like the larger things in life .
look at paddocks or craddocks , the price includes fitting but not the Vat .
I got 265/75 MTs in the end. No idea what the wear is like as this is the first set of MTs I've had. I went for them because they were cheap, and because if they get damaged its not £300 or something to get one replaced. £400 for 5 including the tyres, rims, fitting, balancing and delivery sounded good to me, the tyres have been brilliant so far.
Omg!... I've just realised I'm reading all the tyre threads & beginning to assimulate some of the info. It's a bit like new Mothers having nappy conversations & which nursery to enrole their darlings at.
I'm off to wash my spokeless truck. :D
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