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top gear tonite

am going out for a meal tonight - but they should have the tele on.
bascially was offered pork chops with all the trimmings, cause I was nice and got my friend a door for their car from a scrap yard. Must go to the scrap yard more often :D
that petrol station bit wow they browned their kegs
and road kill euuuuuu!

and the rain sketch left a bit right a a bit etc etc!!
AGREE with ya there lukey.....tonites was brill....i did have me ands over me eyes when he nearly went into the river..and the bit in REDNECK country.....amazing...
I suppose as a comedy show, yes, it can be funny. Its just that i tune in to find and learn about new cars etc.
Other than the part where JC nearly crapped himself, i thought this another weak episode:(

Can't agree Mark, not weak. Indeed not the greatest show on earth, but much better than previous editions.

You could argue that they deliberately provoked those rednecks, but the rednecks simply rose to the bait. "Let's see if those good ol' boys are as bigotted, intolerant and brutish as we think they are ...... Yup! They really are!" Every egg a bird.

I found it hilarious but just as worrying that this is supposed to be a free country and apparently leads the way................

stop hplp with your American bashing!
One of the better episodes tbh. I do like the show when they cover something that I can actualy afford to do.

Throwing a £100K+ car around a track is all well and good but because I know I am extreamly unlikely to ever do it, it bores the t**s off me.
Top gear stopped being an infromation type show after quintin wilson and tiff needel left (Thank god!!) If i wanted to know about a new car that i could afford, i'd go and walk round the deallers..
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