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Trail Trash - Pick It Up!


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Ok this is a major pet hate of mine, whether it is on a green lane or in the mountains. I hate seeing rubbish discarded on the hillsides and will always pick it up if I see it.

Last night HPLP, Will and I went for a drive up above Capel Curig and I came across this piece of a 4x4, you all know what it is. It got me thinking that we talk allot about closing down greenlanes an nothing at all about keeping them and the countryside tidy.

So I urge everyone who uses the green lanes to please pick up whatever rubbish you come across. It doesn't take 20 seconds to pull up, pick up and carry on your way. If everyone picked up a piece of litter everytime they are out laning then the countryside will remain a nice place to visit. Also if the 4x4 community is seen to be being responsible and picking up other people litter that will go some way to improving our not so polished image!

Personally, I have come across all manner of 4x4 parts whilst greenlaning so I am positive others do too! Mostly mud flaps, bumpers and number plates and they have all come home with me, in fact one mud flap has been used to blank off my wing top vent!

The kind of things that can be left are biodegradable items only, so organic material like fruit and veg.

Anything else please take home with you! This includes all plastics, metals, clothing and paper (with the exception of toilet paper).

Please, be responsible and keep our countryside litter free.​
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And here's the picture, cheers Hugh! :rolleyes:


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What about these "memorials" which are appearing all over the place seem to be worse on the West Wales coast. Its an emotive issue a few flowers seem ok, but some seem to be turned into a "shine" with Teddy bears, mobile phones, money nailed to trees (i mean real money) coins, CDs cheap jewellery photos etc.

Theres a few just off some lanes, often near a specific beauifull spot or water pool suitable for bathing, which would suggest some tragic event. However speaking to some locals they told us they recall nothing happened here. It seems some sites are "memorials" because this was there favourite spot. When bad weather comes such stuff is blown all over the place with risk to live stock etc.
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