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Transfer Box numbers

Craig K

In Fourth Gear
Some of you may remember a post about me asking whether a V8 transfer box will fit my 2.5 N/A.

The answer is yes, but there will be a different ratio 1.2 for the diesel and 1.4 or 1.6 for the V8.

The thing is that I need to find the code printed on the lump. I've been under there tonight (not so nice as it's parked a field and it's rather damp out there!) and I can't see the number.

Has anyone got any clues where I may find it?

It should look something like 16D or 22D apparently??

Thanks for any input!
Could be in any one of three different places (you didn't want to hear that did you :D )

See attached pics
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Took this from Ashcroft transmissions site - but not sure if it is the right transfer box?


Identifying your Unit
The LT 230 was fitted to all 5 speed Defenders, all Discos and the RR Classic upto 1988. The serial number will be stamped in one of 2 possible places, either on the bottom left of the main casing or on the earlier vehicles right at the bottom of the left hand side face of the main casing obscured by the exhaust pipe in which case you will need a knife (to scrape the muck off) and a mirror. You are looking for Eg. "28D123456E, we are interested in the first two and the last, i.e. we call this a "28E". Click here to see where these number are. Please have a look in the LT 230 Technical Section to find a list of Serial numbers / Ratios.
The Borg Warner serial number is printed on a plate at the bottom middle of the rear face. The numbers will look like this � Model No: 13-61-005. The numbers and letters after the model number will vary from type to type so we will need to know all the numbers or letters shown.

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Hi James

Thank you very much for your help. I will try and get under again tonight. I did go under last night armed with a knife and torch...but no luck.

Will keep you posted!

Many thanks for your help
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