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Accelerating Away
hi may have problem with transmission ,last week rags seemed to have problem left front wheel seemed to lock up but freed itself checked pads today no problem no stones caught in guard so thinking either transmission or diff as had used off road couple of days previously then jetwashed off any hints what it may be ,cost to fix or can fix myself if easy to do many thanks P.S ITS DEFENDER 90 ,93 PLATE :(
Check the wheel bearings, and also check the swivel for play. It's also possible that the CV joint in the swivel is failing.
just took it out yesterday godawful sound as if Iwas crashing gears after about half hour driving still kept on going even after clutch went down then freed itself very gingerly drove back
Did you check the wheel bearings and swivels?

Because you don't want one of those locking up on you, especially on the motorway as it isn't uncommon for the hub to break off from the stub axle in those circumstances.
He's got pads, therefore he has discs, so the hub can't come off. If the bearings collapse, the hub will lock up. Usually, they weld the bearings to the stub.

So there's a very low chance of the wheel coming away from the vehicle then? :confused:

Either way, having a wheel lock up from a wheel bearing failure or similar fault isn't something that you should look forward to... :eek:
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