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How Do I? tried to start it today.


Extreme Landy Fan
but when ever i tried to turn it over smoke came from the plus terminal of my battery. it only happens when i try to turn the engine over.

can someone give me please a step by step guide to wiring in an ignition system on a 19j diesel engine?
Sounds as though you got connections wrong on starter solenoid somwhere.

Last time I done that it burned a hole through a steel plate where earth was. It went RED hot:eek: . I had a Voodo meter and I was waving it and chanting but it made no bloody difference:D :D . You need to see a Shamen mate:D

Battery +ve to the stud terminal on the starter solenoid, battery -ve to a good chassis or engine earth point, white and red striped ignition switch wire to the solenoid control spade terminal.

Make sure the battery terminals and clamps are clean - point contacts get very hot with that current draw.
thanks guys. Nick I'll have another look tomorrow but as far as i can remember the wiring on the starter seemed OK , i ran an earth from the side of the block to the chassis but a bad earth wouldn't cause it to smoke like that , would it?
No. The likely candidate is a short in the solenoid or motor, assuming you connected the battery the right way around (easy mistake, so worth checking).
i might check the glow plug relay as well , i tapped into the live from the battery to feed the glow plugs and this is where the smoke was coming from , just a few inches from the + terminal on the battery.
hopefully its just the connection thats not making a good contact.
If it's coming from a wire near the terminal, it's overloading, probably because it's too small a wire.

Heater plugs need a fairly large wire to carry the load.

As a rough guide, you need something about as big as a USB lead on the computer.

Snagger or JONV8 can probably give you the correct size of wire.

Ive used this stuff from the battery to the relay then from the relay to the plugs.

Ref 84. 84/0.30mm, 6mm2, 42amps.
Typical applications: Charging cable for dynamo, alternator & ammeter circuits.
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That should easily do it, Nobber. Make sure you have a good connection, try going straight to the battery terminal.

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