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Turbo sqealing and oil pressure light on.


In Second Gear
Hi there, I am a new discovery owner (and love them!). I am "a little" mechanically minded and have replaced the gear box so far. I have a problem... and do not know were to start but would appreciate some advice. The turbo is gasping and there is a funny squealing noise from the turbo. The oil pressure light comes on at low revs but goes off at high revs. Someone said it was the oil pump, another person said it was the turbo and another said it was the strainer which I cleaned and the problem is still there any answers or advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Hello and welcome...

Im sure others will be along who could actually give you worth while advice..

Not really enough information here.
I assume it's a TDi??

The symptoms your describe sound like oil starvation,this is not a good thing.

Assuming the switch is not faulty,the oil light should never come on when the engine is running.It indicates that there is virtually no oil pressure.

A good supply of oil under pressure is required to keep the moving parts away from each other,without it, rapid wear will take place.This,in turn will further reduce the oil pressure and soon a major componant will fail.

there is a funny squealing noise from the turbo
This may be as a result of the bearing running short of oil due to the lack of oil pressure.The turbo needs more oil than any other part of the engine and is often the first major componant to fail.

A few questions.....
The oil strainer is in the sump,did you take that off to clean it??
If so,what did you find,was it blocked,was the sump full of debris or sludge?
Is the engine very high mileage??
Does it smoke from the exhaust?
What condition is the engine oil in?
Why did you have to replace the gearbox?

I would have thought that at the very least you need a new oil pump.but it may already be too late.
If the rest of the engine is badly worn,the increased oil pressure from a new pump will be lost anyway.

Thanks for all your replys. Very quick response.
My Landy is an M reg 300tdi and has covered 114000 miles and has been well serviced. I changed the gear box because it got stuck in diff lock mode.
The oil strainer looked clear and the oil was black with no signs of contamination.
Were do I start. The oil pump. Do I need to take the cam belt off for this.
Then the turbo. If this does not work is it a new engine.
Oh the joys of tinkering!!
Many Thanks to you all

Regards Phil
First thing to do is change the oil and filter, it's a Full flow system, so if the filter is blocking, it will dump the oil. ( Always start with the cheap option)

If it still doesn't put the light out, put a guage on and see what the pressure actually is. If it's ok when cold, but comes on when the engine warms up, it's the main bearings.

Can't remember - Is it the tdi engine that needs some sealant putting on the strainer pipe when it is put back together?

As templ4r says, best to change oil and filter first.

Have you checked the wire that goes to the oil pressure sender unit? It might be loose or shorting out somewhere.
114000 miles is nothing for a well serviced 300tdi. Mine has done 180,000 and still runs sweet as a nut. But then I'm very religous about my oil changes - every 5000 miles and I only use the best.

Hi Phil and welcome

The oil pressure light comes on at low revs but goes off at high revs.

I had that problem with my Disco 300TDi - it was the oil pressure switch that was faulty.

For the sake of a couple of quid and 20 minutes work it may be worthwhile replacing that too to eliminate it.

It needs a new turbo currently in the process of buying one.

I am replacing the steering box and going to do the rear floor before mot.

Thanks for all your help and I will keep you all informed.

Many Thanks

It needs a new turbo currently in the process of buying one

It might be wise to check the oil pressure before you fit the new turbo, otherwise you may have to buy yet another one.
If it were mine, I'd want to know why it failed.

As Nick says, you must find out why the Turbo failed before you fit another. It will all be in the fitting instructions, they will not Guarantee the new unit if it fails because of oil problems.

Thanks for the top advice. Fitted the turbo and steering box. I checked the iol pressure and there is NONE. I have replaced filter,checked the strainer, replaced oil sensor, Next on the list is oil pressure release valve and then the big one the oil pump. All that and LR still have not delivered the rear floor

When will it ever end!!!!!
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