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Turn Up


Extreme Landy Fan
as you well know, i've recently pased me LRE observers course, well , with MRS ada, at LODE LANE today i put the word around to the chaps down there and a few things were said.So came home today an dfilled in a little cv and sent it out to a few LRE centres local to me...Well......i've already had a reply from MR COBLEY of LRO fame, and will be going to see him soon with the hope of some work.....which is nice...just waiting to here from MR MITCHELL at BALA and the CHILTERNS lot now.......HAPPY DAYS..:)

I'd be curious to hear if Mr.Cobley is anything like what the rumours say about him...
I have met Vince quite a few times and Ed once or twice. Me and my dad did a days driving with Vince about 12 years ago or so before he was that well known and he used a place near Desborough. I thought he was a very nice bloke, certainly knows his stuff and more importantly is a good teacher.

I had a day at Rockingham last summer but they still owe me a day, the other instructors are nice too but I thought the place was not run that efficiently, they never returned my calls and I had to keep chasing them to get my day booked in.

The grounds at Rockingham are nice but the course seemed a bit tame. What was annoying was that our group of individuals had all paid good money for the day yet we had to give way and stop many times to let the D3 demo vehicle go past or negotiate the obstacle we were waiting to do. I reckon we lost an hour or so driving. The D3 demo was for potential purchasers from Landrover dealers.
Vince is sound bloke. got on with him well whilst on the LROAC morroco trip back in august 05.
Spent a fair bit of time chatting about most things 4x4 and offroad. He certaintly has a substntial CV of things he has done in the world. i'm sure i have a piccy of him on the terrace of the hotel in fes where we were staying for two nights.
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