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Tyre fitting

Steve Medlock

Accelerating Away
I've decided that I must have some mud terrains. Whilst I'm sliding all over the place, barely avoiding trees, my mates Lada looks like it has just as much grip as on tarmac!

Anyway a set of four Insa Turbos on the internet works out at £51/tyre delivered to my door, whilst the same tyres fitted and balanced locally will cost £75/tyre.

Should I expect to pay £24 extra for fitting and balancing to bare alloys or is this too much in which case I buy on the internet and try to find a cheaper fitter?
I got tyres/wheels from a bearmach driver, ran down the road and had the local garage drop them on the rims, think they charged me £10 or so to do the four!
I agree. £10 per corner Max. I use to get them done for £5 ea but the weights they use to balance the wheels have gone up so it costs a bit more
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Heh i didn't bother getting them balanced.. My truck doesn't get up to the speed where balancing is an issue. Think thats why i got it at £2.50 a corner!
Thanks guys - on that basis I've ordered a set from uptotheaxles.com and will get them fitted when they arrive.

Made a couple of calls today and the rate seems to be £15 around here, but I've got a few days to look around.

I would need balancing, at least so I can try to work out where the rest of the vibration or wobble is coming from!

Finally got the MTs on today - got charged £20 for fitting the four which I was quite happy with. They tried to balance them but didn't think they could hang that much lead on the rim!

Just been for a run round and they seem quite well behaved at lower speeds - a low growling from the back and a little vibration which isn't actually unpleasant.

Need to drive much much slower now though - the lack of balance is very noticeable at 60 - 70!

Have to wait until Sunday before I get on the mud unfortunately.....

Photos as requested!

Difference off road is quite amazing. i can steer now!

They are 235/70 - I was tempted to go larger especially as I have some lift kit stuff to fit, but with a three speed auto, i didn't want to change the acceleration from dire to barely noticeable.

£220 well spent. Thank you American Express.



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