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Tyre sizes


Accelerating Away
I am thinking about buying a 2000 range rover vogue,it is in very clean condition with low mileage,i doubt it has ever seen a dirt road let alone been off road.
If i decide to buy it i want to convert it the same as my disco,but what is bothering me is the 18 inch wheels it is fitted with.
i would probably fit 16 inch wheels instead and fit bf goodrich ats,has anyone fitted these,and do they know what the largest tyre diameter can be fitted without cutting away at the wheel arches?
If I assume you currently have 255/55/R18's on then your overall diameter is 29.04 inches
A 265/65/R16 has an overall diameter of 29.56 inches which is bigger by 1.76% and within the recommended +/- 2.5% range without it upsetting gear ratios, speedo etc
Hope this helps
Thanks for the info Kenny,
Another thing that is bothering me is how low the radiator is,has anyone experianced clearance problems off road?
Ours has 135/70 R16 tyres. When they were fitted we were told that was the biggest that could be fitted but have since been told they can be bit bigger. Ours has no problem off-road but it's a diesel so I don't know if the radiator is in the same place as a petrol.
finally made the decision and bought the beast(the deciding factor was the transfer gearbox on the discovery going bang!).... what a vehicle,awesome.....but....i knew it would be expensive to fill the tank...i didnt realise how dam thirsty it is!
85k km on the clock...seven years old....it is almost as if it is just out the box...it still even has the new car smell.
now comes spending the money...roof rack and rooftop tent,a decent front bumper,16 inch wheels and some serious rubber...
I found a company here in cape town that manufactures these!


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Went camping for the weekend,and decided to take the range rover instead of the discovery... its the first time i have taken it off road and the damn air suspension decides to go into a fault mode... had to drive a 100 ks on a badly corrugated dirt road with no suspension at all !!! Then 200 hundred ks on the tar with the truck bouncing like a jumping castle.....Absolute nightmare....
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