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Underseat box

In my previous SIII, I made this underseat box for storage.

The upper door was in two hinged parts, folding door in effect.
Note the hi-tec seat prop.

Under seat...jpg

That was the back half of the box. The front half was.. at the front, and repurposed.. as they say... a cupboard catch.

Front access...jpg

Open sesame
You see the ally around the opening for the door to close onto.

Front compartment...jpg

I lined it with rubber to stop the noise from contents clanking about.

Made of odd bits of ally and pop rivets.

Just an idea you might like, to use the otherwise wasted space under the seats.

The seats btw, were Recaros from a MkI Astra GTE. They were comfy, but the back was too far forward and made for short leg room.
I'm not motivated to repeat them in my Lightweight.
Good thinking, sadly my "wasted space" is occupied by petrol tanks.
There's very little leg room in a lightweight even with the standard inch thick backrest cushions fitted to the bulkhead.
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