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I am so tempted to buy one of these Unimogs for My Buisness but not knowing i assume thier in the 7.5 Ton section??


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Tempted to buy one for the business, or because you want a new toy, which you could then use for your business..
On the other hand, unless you expect to shift a lot of large trees, and if you are working around town something smaller might be more sensible.
How about one of these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haflinger

thats nice looking but it the Load Capacity im after so thoughts were if i am gonna have one might as well be the Mog..
but the trouble is its probally 7.5 Ton ticket so that then causes all sorts of probs...Passing test ...proof of maintainance on 7.5 Ton ..place to keep it other than my house :eek:
The thing is, you don't get a huge amount of capacity with these things, you get more with a LR130, the only main advantage to them over the Landies is the front pto, which thus allows you for instance to put a tree shredder on the front with it discharging into the rear load area, or a towed trailer.

If you buy one as a general purpose truck, your going to be dissappointed with it. If you buy it with a specific purpose in mind, i.e. the tree shredder, or grass verge cutter, you couldn't buy a better vehicle.
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