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Unknown Source


UMMMM can't say where I get my sources from but ...................

>A Jelly Baby walks into a bar and starts talking to a Smartie.
>After a few beers the Smartie says "Ere, a bunch of us are heading to
>that new club, fancy tagging along?"
>The Jelly Baby says "No mate, I'm a soft centre, I always end up
>my head kicked in."
>So Smartie says "Don't worry about it, I'm a bit of a hard case, I'll
>look after you."
>Jelly Baby thinks about it for a minute and says "Fair enough, as long
>as you'll look after me", and off they go.
>After a few more beers in the club, three Lockets walk in.
>As soon as he sees them, Smartie hides under the table.
>The Lockets take one look at Jelly Baby and start kicking him, breaking
>cola bottles over his little jelly head, lamping him with little sugary
>chairs, and generally having a laugh.
>After a while they get bored and walk out.
>Jelly Baby pulls his battered Jelly Baby body over to the table and
>wipes up his Jelly Baby blood and turns to Smartie and says "I thought
>you were going to look after me."
>"I was!" says Smartie, "But those Lockets are f***ing menthol...
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