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V6 or 2.0 diesel?


In Second Gear

I'm looking at changing my car to a Freelander. I'm looking at a Y reg 2.5 V6 or an S reg diesel 50th anniversary model. Given the obvious differnce in fuel, what MPG can I reasonably expect and what problems can I expect from both. More importantly. which would be your choice!!!!!

Like the idea of economy, but also like the extra power.

I will be intending to go offroading in it if thats any help


Steve I bought a v6 about 6 months ago after selling the disco ( sob sob),looked at diesels, but they all seemed quite a bit more expensive or had starship miles,
Must say I'm really impressed with it and like it a lot, Fuel is about 22 mpg average, 26 ish on a run and whatever knocking about, I'm lucky as I only use it for weekends and not for work,However if you compare the purchase price of an equivalent diesel and see how many miles per year you do, it might take a long time to get the money back ,Love the v6 though and auto box,
Good luck and do the usual of looking at plenty, Andy
Hello there, go for the TD4 auto, loads of puch and very good MPG, as a bonus get the ECU re-mapped (Nene-Overland) adds extra punch and more torque approx 30% well worth it, once your used to it it improves MPG as well, just my thoughts
Have owned a v6 petrol, and now a td4, an honest mpg for the v6 over normal use (mainly around town) was 18 mpg will go much better 25 mpg on a run driven steady. Td4 never goes less than 35 and average is 38 mpg. Service costs are a bit higher for the diesel at a main dealer. Our td4 is a manual, Auto v6 effortless to drive though and makes a much better noise.
Thanks for the advice thus far. My budget will not stretch to TD4, (I'd want the ES model!!!), hence looking at the anniversary 2.0 diesel, (the old Rover L series diesel engine). The V6 is looking the fave at the moment though, look forward to more opinion...

We sell mainly TD4s and 1.8 K series. The L series are good engines, just a bit too old for us to Retail.

The KV6 is also used in the MG and Rover 75, basically the same engine, but a little bit De-rated for the Freelander, IIRC. When they run well they are very good. The only problems we get with them are a few Head Gaskets and the VIS ( Variable Induction System) flaps in the intake manifold breaking up. They have stopped using them in later engines, but I'm not sure from when, possibly Doobrey would know. The fuel pumps/modulators on the cars are a problem, but they are different on the Freelander.

We get very little trouble with the Freelander as a whole.

Wow, this is what I call a forum. Great replies, no sarcasm about others replies that end up going off at a tangent. Thanks to those who have replied thus far.

Tried the L series 2.0 diesel, found it slow and a tad noisy. Looked at a TD4 ES, the equivalent V6 ES is some £2000 minimum cheaper, thats 3 years worth of fuel difference. Looks like a V6 will be looked at very strongly within days.

Keep the advice coming though.


Hi, I drive an 03 td4 ES premium. Its the first diesel I have ever owned, and I wish I had discovered diesels earlier! I have been driving for 23 years and owned/driven recently 2 V6s, a 3.2 Frontera and a 2.5 Probe. Both were fast, the probe especially, but equally both were thirsty, the Frontera giving 16-18 urban! The td4, once warm, does not feel (to me)any different to a petrol engine, quiet and smooth. The torque/gearing is obviously the main thing you notice when initially unfamiliar with diesels, but towing our caravan is a delight! Wish you well with your decision, but if you can stretch to it, go for a td4.
I own a 2.0 diesel YA509902. In Cyprus. Got it in a very good condition though I'm considering in replacing a lot of stuff when i do it's service. Just to be on the safe side. The choice really is up to you, all will speak about there experiences.

It used to be a clear-cut decision; diesel for economy, petrol if you wanted to enjoy driving. Nowadays however, things are very different, and thanks to huge advances in diesel technology there is a viable alternative to the petrol machinery that has dominated for so long. It's all down to what strengths you are after in a car.What's so great about diesels?They are far more economical than petrol engines. They are cleaner, with lower emissions, especially CO2, which determines how much road tax you pay.

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They have better 'pull' in the gears, reducing the need for gear changing.

Mate theres **** loads of issues, though if you are going to be driving a lot of uphill you would fall in love with the 3rd gear of a diesel Freelander.
Thanks for the advice thus far. My budget will not stretch to TD4, (I'd want the ES model!!!), hence looking at the anniversary 2.0 diesel, (the old Rover L series diesel engine). The V6 is looking the fave at the moment though, look forward to more opinion...

When you say that you cant stretch to a td4- 51 reg 2001 td4 es. 49k.3dr.m/carlo blue.mint.fsh.6 months warranty left.£6k??
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