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V8 engine Swap


Accelerating Away
We started the engine swap on saturday, and after 9 hours of pushing pulling and throwing spanners about we require a little advice!!!!
When mating the new engine (and new clutch) to the bellhousing it would not push home completely:eek: and so I used the bolts to pull it home, is this correct? or should the whole thing push together easily(it was only the last 10mm or so)
We connected the starter motor and alternator back up to make sure the engine was turning over freely, but when the battery was connected it not only kicked the starter in straight away but no dashboard lights appeared:eek: ....What have a done wrong??

Many thanks Ross.
you may have wired up your starter wrong.
sounds like you either by-passed the solenoid or shorted something out.
have you connected the engin harness to the main harness corectly?
I believe i have connected everything correctly as the harness remained in vehicle and has just been laid back in.
What i need to know is that, if i only connect the starter motor and alternator should the engine turn over?

if you connect the alternator and starter to the engine harness , then connect this to the main harness then yes , it should all work.
it sounds like you have connected the live from the battery directly to the starter and not to the solenoid above it.
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