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V8 Starting Problems.


In Second Gear
Hi All,

I am currently (still) building a hybrid type motor based on a rangerover running gear. I am having problems starting the engine. I will normally start ok when cold but after running for 10-15min and try to restart it no chance it will turn and sound like a few pistons are firing but will not run.

When you do get it running it idles very nicly and will rev no problem, just won't start again for a few hours.

New battery fitted, getting fuel to carbs, sparking ok.
3.5, electronic ignition.

It was fitted with the exhaust gas recyling thing, but we have removed that.

Any suggests would be magic, reward for information that leads to success.


Sounds like it's flooding. What carbs?

Check the float heights. Check the choke is fully back on the bodys. Have you got an electric tank or in line pump and removed the return?

Sorry for the delay in responding to your responce.

I have not checked the floats yet, I should of said that it is stomberg carbs. The fuel pump is an inline pump, and there is still a return going back to the tank.

Is checking the floats a major job.

Checked the chokes were fully back. Could it be anything to do with the temperature compensator on the side of each carb.?


Each carb feeds 4 cylinders, so it should start, but run rough, if one carb is faulty.

If it won't start, it's probably something that is common to both of them.

When you try it again, take a plug out and see if it's wet. We need to figure out if it is a fuel or ignition problem. If it's running on points, you might have an overheating coil if you have not fitted a Ballast Resistor.

Hi Thanks again for the advice, and my apologises for not replying sooner. I stripped both the carbs, and they were full of crap, the floats were slightly out only a few mm's.

I replace the distributer cap, and rotor arm. The engine now starts fine when hot which is great however it has created a new problem that it drops to 4 cylindars when any load is on the engine, ie as soon as you put it in gear. Is this just due to the carbs needing setup after strip.

Is a balance meter a worthwhile investment. I just bought the mixture adjusting tool from e-bay.


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