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How Do I? V8 water in sump help please.

rod at aberdeen

Hi All.

My V8 1974 carb is taking in water somewhere. The engine oil imulsifies and I end up with a few pints of clear water when I drain it off. It is not coming from the coolant system its not dropped at all. I was doing some very deep wading the other day so thats where it came from but how and what can I do to stop it. Oh and there are no oil leaks and nothing obvious to how its getting there.


Could be something as simple as going down the dipstick tube.

As you say, if there are no leaks, it's probably not a crankseal or sump gasket fault. If it were a breather pipe, it would draw a majority into the intake.
Look for a water mark on the block, then look below that.

That is very strange .
What sort of nick is the valley gasket in as it's the biggest one - and i'm not just sure you'd see a heap of oil pouring out if it was burst .
There's no breathers routed from the rocker covers to down below or anything ? I imagine they'd just blow anyway but you never know .
A couple of pints is a lot of water !

Any chance of maybe blocking the breather ( using your finger just for a few mins) and seeing if any pressure actually builds up ?.Or if you can see / hear anything coming out elsewhere ?
Thanks for that guys

I think I need to go round the whole engine and check every thin for tightness. Like I say I would have though I would have seen some oil somewhere but there is nothing. Dont think its went down the dipstick as was just not that low in the water.

Rod , i was reading something the other day about a guy that had an annoying whistle on his V8 . He had the rocker breathers routed to a suction port on the inlet manifold . The whistle was coming from his dipstick tube at idle - huge amount of suction with throttle flap closed .
If you have the large PCV valve on the right hand rocker cover, it draws air in the small valve on the rear of the left hand cover. It can also draw air in any other point on the crankcase.
Some engines have a small breather pipe behind the engine, over the flywheel housing.

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