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V8 wont start!!!! Help


Dear all, wonder if you can help.:eek:

Got a Disco V8, 1996 which I have just tried to fire up and it wont start.
Opens with the remote fob, dash lights come one, as they usually do but when I turn the key, there is a funny electrical rattle? and the engine does not turn over. A light on the dash comes up with "ENGINE CHECK" in the top left hand side (above the oil light) when I try to start the car.

The noise is like one of those automatic BB guns firing. All the lights go dim when I turn the key...Is this as simple as a battery or something more serious?

I have a Haynes manual to help me with your answers as I am by no means of the imagination a mechanic.

Thanks gents,

From my previous experience it's one or a combination of three things:
1. Flat battery (Charge it or jump it)
2. Loose/manky terminals or connections (clean and tighten them)
3. Starter motor needs a seeing to (IMHO less likely if you have the rattling sound - nore likely to be the others)
Personally - I'd take out the battery and put it on charge and remove and clean (emery then smear with vaseline) as many connections I could get to and try again in the morning...
Best of luck with it
Oh and BTW - when I say connections I mean the big ones like various earth straps and the fat wire to the starter motor...
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Thanks Gents,

I'll get give it a jump start in the morning and see what it gives...
If nothing happens I'll be in touch.


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