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Vehicle tracking and road pricing petetion.

Man in Hat

Well it would appear that the road pricing petition that many of us signed did no good. The government intend to press ahead regardless...now there's a surprise :(

Story Here


A million motorists embarrass road price ministers

Ben Webster, Transport Correspondent

The Government is to press ahead with preparations for nationwide congestion charging despite the millionth signature on a petition opposing the idea.

An experiment in internet democracy, in which people were invited to place petitions on the No 10 website and vote for them by e-mail, has embarrassed ministers.

The petition calling on the Government "to scrap the vehicle tracking and road-pricing policy" was due to gain its millionth signature last night, less than three months after it was posted on the website.

It received 92,000 signatures on Wednesday alone, thought to be a record for a single day.

Douglas Alexander, the Transport Secretary, said last night that the signatures showed the strength of feeling among motorists but would not deter him from commissioning large-scale road-pricing trials.

In an interview with The Times, he said that many of the claims made by those promoting the petition were "falsehoods". He promised that there would be safeguards to protect motorists' privacy and that the system would not be used to catch drivers speeding.

Both these claims were made in an e-mail supporting the petition sent by members of the Association of British Drivers, a hardline motoring group. The e-mail told people to pass it on and millions have received it in the past few weeks.

Mr Alexander said: "The response to this petition makes the case for more debate, not less, on the issue of road pricing. It makes me more determined to debate the real issues about how we tackle growing congestion.
"I understand there are strong feelings on this issue but strong feelings alone are no substitute for considering how we tackle the challenge of congestion.

"The e-mail that has been circulated more reflects misplaced fears than facts."

Mr Alexander said that no decision had been made on whether to introduce a national scheme but he said that regional trials would start in four or five years' time. Manchester and Birmingham are understood to be the front-runners for the trials.

Sir Rod Eddington's report on the future of transport in Britain strongly supported the idea of nationwide congestion charging, which the Department for Transport has calculated could result in tolls of £1.28 a mile on the busiest roads in peak periods.

Mr Alexander did not offer assurances that the scheme would not raise the overall tax burden on motorists.

He said: "I cannot anticipate future decisions that will have implications in many budgets ahead. But the suggestion that every driver would pay more is simply wrong."

He hinted that any increase in motoring taxes would be small and that other motoring taxes would be reduced.

He criticised the wording of the petition for suggesting that drivers' movements would be monitored. He said: "If we were proposing what the petition suggests, I would share the concerns. Any system, to secure support, would need to address the issue of personal privacy."

Peter Roberts, a car parts salesman and a founder of the petition group from Worcestershire, said that it had succeeded far beyond expectations.
Richard Hammond, the Top Gear presenter who survived a high-speed crash, said he would support the petition this week.

He said: "Are we prepared to be taxed for the privilege of going about our business?"
no offense to any1, i USED to respect england... the government has really ruined it.... very soon u might aswell all invest in breathing apparatus... he'll tax u for the oxygen you're consumin!!
And if you refuse to have a little black box installed, what then? Prison? Oh no, hang on, they're all full too.........

Cheers, Ben
Never fear Ben:rolleyes: Tony and his bunch of hypocrites will soon find room for anyone who has contributed their share in taxes and the rest.
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