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Just had a recon gearbox fitted by Ashcroft, and now the Landy has a very slight vibration, its more prominent at 30mph in 3rd, 40mph in 4th and 50mph in 5th.

As you go above these speeds in the relative gear then it stops. I spoke to Ashcroft and they reckon it is probably the front propshaft. What they said sometimes happens is when the drop one end of the propshaft then the UJ bearing can move from its usual driving position, and if there is any wear in them once they are put back then they can give this vibration/resonance.

Anyone else ever had this problem?? They said the easy way to find out is to remove the propshaft and then take it for a drive, which makes sense.

What can I do about it, change the UJ's or Propshaft....any idea's??

If it was down stream of the gearbox, it would happen at the same road speed regardless of rpm or gear selection. Since it's apparently rpm related, it must be either the engine, clutch or gearbox.
Have removed the front propshaft, and the vibration is still there, its just not as prominant with the shaft removed. So, I will have to get back on to Ashcroft in the morning.

They have already had it back once to change the clutch and synchro's. Changing the clutch again got rid of a very bad judder in 1st and 5th, and sionce changing the synchro's in the new gearbox it now goes in to gear better.

They still have not fixed the sshhhh type noise, which is speed related. They dont have a clue what it is. See what they say tomorrow.

Could be tha back uj's are gone aswell??

Get underneath and wiggle the hell out of the prop, there should be no play in it....

Forgot to say I also had the Transfer box changed. It cant be the clutch as this is the second one they have fitted, the first one made it judder big time in 1st and reverse.

I have now removed the rear prop and it all seems OK, no play etc. There was no play in the front prop either.

This may be a stupid question but.....it seems much easier to get in to each of the gears with the front prop removed, is it just me or is this normal??? The reason i ask this is that the gear change is extremely tight compared to my box/transer.

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