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I can't remember if I posted or not.. But I got a timely reminder the other week on a trip to the dales..
I've done the necessary work and am happy enough to be in water.. Most probably in excess of the so called acceptable.. There are a few factors and it's a judgement call..
But I came to a road closure just outside Masham.. You could see the lake had covered the road.. I was just about to look for an alternative when an artic came through from the opposite direction.. And
I thought I'll have a go and set off..
The surprise came in the middle when I started to ride in and out of some fairly pot holes and trenches.. What had looked doable was now causing me a few, squeaky bum moments as I realized the bloody road had been washed away in places and could have caused an issue..
The car that thought it would follow me decided against it when he saw me bouncing around..
Just a little lesson learned👍😁
That’s a bit embarrassing at 2.00 minutes in The discovery getting rescued. Bet he wished he’d bought off road tyres .

I have a feeling the guy in the 101 was out for a play and new it was there ..great vehicle

Like the way the defender raised it’s suspension up made it look easy ..nice bow wave ,good man .
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i can never understand why anybody would take a modern car through water like that. the 101 yes its good fun. i often go through a few fords in the range rover as it has no electronic crap to get wet i would not dare take the disco 3 in anything like that. think of the cost of the soggy ecu it soon put you off.
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