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Warning Chimes on starting


In Second Gear
Hi, I'm a new Disco 2 owner with a 2003 XS edition. Problem is on starting the engine the dash chimes 3 times. There are no warning lights visible so nothing to help me diagnose this, looking through the owners manual has so far drawn a blank. Also the heated screens turn themselves on when the car is started. Finally I found after purchase the EGR system has been removed, it looks like the work has been done properly - would this cause the alarm or any other problems?

Any help with any of these issues would be greatfully received.


I think a lot of cars chime for no reason nowadays.My PT Cruiser chimes when you put the key in the ignition, when you turn it on, when you open the door, when you leave your seatbelt off etc
I was watching some videos eariler of Discos, and they all semed to chime on startup too, so I think its normal.
Cant help with the other bits though sorry.
Some chime - its a self test and nothing to worry about - you can disable it with testbook or a nanocom if you want . EGR removal doesnt give you any warnings . If both your heated screens come on has your demist button been pushed or is stuck in ? it brings both on at the same time !
Any help ?
Brilliant - many thanks. The demist button was on, I wasn't aware it also turned on the screen heaters on startup; but it does. Now I know the chimes are a self test I won't worry about them.

My first post and the reason I joined these forums - to find out why my Disco chimes three times on startup. Now I know!
(Although page 68 of the handbook says it's ABS?)
Never had any chimes in startup on ours, see the page from the Drivers Handbook below.



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page 1650 of rave says that when diff lock is disengaged , 3 chimes are made too. Even on 03 models which I thought only had traction control and no diff locks ?
Hi just found this post my disco has chimed since my Nanaocom had a funny five a couple of years ago and changed somthing? I have never been able to turn it off again, what did you turn off with you Nanocom?
Cant remember the exact thing but its something to do with the key in the ignition in the BCU settings. Ill have a look tomrrow for the actual item.
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