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Weber Edelbrock 500

Rage Rover

Finally push has come to shove and i'm buying an Edelbrock 500 for the new all singing all dancing engine :eek: .
I'm a bit bewildered by statements made by some suppliers re what bits i'll need . RPI for instance seem to be pushing this double outlet thermostat housing and new throttle / choke cables . A cheaper supplier reckons my old cables can be adapted to fit ?.
The cheaper supplier also reckons the carb is that good i'll need no jetting straight from the box - but if i want to do some fettling so be it .
So to sum up , and i know it's been covered before , what bits will i really need ?. Any advice gratefully accepted :) .
I did the conversion over a year ago now and used the RPi kit. Generally the kit was good as were the instructions and backup. Some of the parts I didn't need though and the auto kick down linkage was wrong for my gearbox.

As far as I recall, the thermo housing was necessary for the Edelbrock manifold. The throttle cable is held into the yoke at pedal end by a grubscrew which I was never happy about, but it hasn't failed yet. I think my own choke cable would have been fine.

The carb is likely to work reasonably well out of the box, but the thing to do is obviously to try it and see whether you are happy with how it fuels your particular engine. I have rejetted the primaries on mine using the jet kit.
Hi Steve ,
thanks very much for that . I already have all the gsakets etc that come with the RPI kit , so it maybe makes sense to go for the cheaper kit . I see that most people are advertising the twin outlet thermo housing as part of the kit - so no problem there .
I'll try and keep my throttlr cable and choke and see how it goes . Thanks ,gordon
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