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What colour should my S3 be?



I need to repaint my Series 3 Stationwagon roof and wheels.

Did Land Rover ever release any official guidance on this. For example, should the safari roof on a SWD S3 lady be limestone? Four of my five wheels are currently sprayed silver, what colour is the "official" colour?

I have read this link, which seems to be useful for general advice, but I need to try to find out the official paint scheme:


Many thanks,

There were a lot of colour combinations, depending on export or home market and trim, spec, etc.

I say do what colour arrangement you want. :)
Hi Chris,
can't help you with official paint schemes, but I feel that all Series II's & III's should have a Limestone roof, and Limestone wheels! I think they look best like that! Go for it!
I think that solves that problem.

I don't have any specialist skills, can I brush the paint on? I have only seen the limestone at Paddocks, is this the preferred place to buy?


Buy it from any paint supplier...the one most local to you. Ask them for semi synthetic enamel (mention tractol..they'll know what you are after) and give them the colour you want. Then you can see the paint as you buy it...and not get it lost, spilled or whatever in the post.

Most likely they will have colour charts...you can tell them what colour you are interested in, and they can show it to you. You might find this link handy. And this...being the relevant colour codes and year on the Stephen Hull site, which you have probably seen already..

You can brush Tractol (or its equivalent, I think Paddocks paint is made by Corrofast Coatings) on...but it is pretty fast drying, and overworking it will leave brush marks. It is supposed to be self levelling! I have used a roller before now..not ideal, but it works. (but then, I have also used dulux gloss paint....) Brush is better!

I'm tempted to agree with the general consensus though, go for whatever colour suits you! (though it might be interesting to remove some of the paint you have, and see whats under it perhaps)
The sun is out, so time for action.

I have pretty much stripped the roof, and it looked like it was limestone, before.

I haven't decided whether to paint the whole top half of the rear limestone. I am going to start off with the tropical panel, and everything else above the gutter.

2 questions:

1) DO I paint the underside of the gutter limestone, so it would be visible if you stood right next to the Landy, or should I only go as far down as the top side of the gutter...see what I mean?

2) I bought the limestone from Paddocks, and the primer that is advertised on the same page. I want to paint it by hand, as I have no knowledge of spraying. I was going to go for a paint brush approach, but have read of people using rollers. My paint info sheet says that it is not suitable for rolling, has anybody tried this, or got any thoughts?
Let's pray for a bright day, tomorrow :)


A question to add ...

Most original Landrovers getting around Australia are coloured what is termed here as "Baby chit yellow" otherwise known as Camino Gold. Did any of this colour stay at home? The literature about this thread appears to suggest not.

Some pics of the old 109 attached for ref. (Taken the day I parted with her)

The rest here are green, possibly Trident Green.


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Its not a great Idea to paint in direct sunlight, if your brush painting you want the paint to dry slowly so the brush marks can 'flow' out! I cheated and used rollers :D
Well, I did the roof and sides. Not the best pic, but it turned-out really well.

Half a day to prepare, half a day on the roof, and half on the sides. Cool!


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