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What Disco ?


Accelerating Away
I am thinking of buying a Disco for off roading (and on road) i would like to fit 35 '' tyres with a 3 '' lift and all other off road bits as i am selling my house and will have some money spare . I dont know what model to go for as i have been told that the Disco 1 is best for off road but have herd the same about the Disco 2 , the less complicated the electrics the better . I will have about £10.000 to spend .
Can anyone help
Another Islander!! :D

D1's will give you less problems electric wise and you'll have a better range of aftermarket parts than you will with a D2.
If you're looking at 35" tyres then be carefull of the overall gearing of the vehicle. I've got 33" tyres and had to change the transfer box because it was hard to pull away without slipping the clutch and when you showed it a hill you in 3rd!!

You can spend around £3000 on parts to get the suspension done for 35" tyres as you'll want the caster angle of the steering put right after the lift, you may need a body lift as well if you're only going +3" in the suspension. My 33's hit the arches with a +3" lift so 35's will unless you restrict the articulation.

You'll also need to cut the arches and fit flares of some kind, this is easier with a 3 door than a 5 door as you have to cut into the frame of the 5 door and it takes some skill to make it look good.

Watch the wheel offset as well, 35x12.5's need a good offset on the wheels if you want to maintain a turning circle. Or you can use wheel spacers, but you're better with offset wheels. ;)

V8 would have the power but the TDi will be just as good with a larger intercooler and injector pump tweeked. Plus you don't have any water in the electrics with the TDi. :)
With a Defender 1.41:1 ratio transfer box or 4.1:1 ratio diffs fitted then the TDi will have plenty of power for your needs.

Much as I like my Disco, if I had that money to spend then I'd be going for a late 300 TDi Defender to do up. £7000 will get you a nice base vehicle and then £3000 for toys. You won't get the rear over hang problems with the Defender that you get with the Disco and generally the add-ons are cheaper. :p

My Disco, just for interest. ;)


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