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What is this

Jens Dahl

In Third Gear
Does anyone know anything about this vehicle?

What is it called?
What is it used for?
Can you buy one?
Is it road legal?

Anything you know would be much apreaciated.



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One of the surplus places had a few for sale some years back. I rang up and enquired at the time. I think they're VW based and at the time they were asking about 9K for one.
I've tried to google a bit. The US navy seals have somthing called FAV's (Fast Attack Vehicles) build by Chenowth Racing. But it's a much bigger car than the one above.


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Just have a look on Google
run a search for Light strike vehicle under images and you see both the British SAS version and an American job.
Hi Guys!

Your correct its an LSV. The old 19 AIR MOBILE BRIGADE used to have them for the RECCE troops and i think the Special Forces played with them for a bit but they deemed them not as versitile as the Land Rover. They usually have a Volks Wagon engine and can go like the clappers. When 19 Brigade and 5 Airborne Brigade joined together in 1999 we got rid of them in favour of the WMIK. Not sure what they are priced at but they are road legal etc but very very limited on space for kit when going to any of the shows.



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Thanks for the info guys... I still wonder what this military dune byggy would fetch in the market today. Not cheap I guess. They seem quite rare.

Had the pleasure of trailering a prototype LSV down to the west Midlands for running gear restoration about 10 days ago. This one wasn't adopted by the Army but when completely restored with guns etc. fitted it will be a super show piece. It has a Volks engine with a 0 - 60 time of 10 seconds! Currently planning to collect it 09/02 and am debating about trailering it or driving it back. If you are between J2 M5 and J16 M6 north bound late AM on the 9th keep your eyes open!



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Longline LSV, built in small quantities between 1990 and 1993 in first 4x2 and later 4x4 variants. Designers were father and son team Ralph and Paul Tarry. Paul later joined Ricardo and developed the WMIK from the MRCV concept.

The LSV was originally developed for 22 SAS and a few were shipped out to a Persian Gulf country prior to Gulf War One, but they did not get deployed forward to the KKMC Main Operating Base in Saudi, nor were they used for either Scud-busting or in the land campaign, due to suspension weaknesses discovered during field trials.

A very small number were used for a short period by 24 Airmobile Brigade, including on exercises in Germany and on Salisbury Plain, but they were not deemed a success due to limited load/ammo carrying capability and difficulty of operating the main armament, which was above and behind the two-man crew. The last handful had radiators either side rather than one large one at the rear to make load access easier, but they were still not ideal for task, so the project was dropped.


PS Yes, they are road legal. Ian Young (Editor of MMI) and Barry Pocock both own road-registered examples.
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Driving it back!

At least this time of year it wont be flies in the eyes and bugs in the teeth Peter!

Watch out for frostbite though!

Bet the grin will go from ear to ear!

Hi Rex

If I do drive it back it will certainly be multi layered thermals, I suspect I'll end up looking like the Michelin man!

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