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What is...


Big Landy Fan
What is self-esteem... where do you get it,
do you want it
need it
what does it do for you or others
is it important?
If you have some does it matter or make a difference
& why do some think you can't manage without it or be unaware of it?
Do something that other people think is clever, thus making you think you are equal or more clever than them. Unfortunately that includes all sorts of undesirable actions as well a desirable ones. Hence petty crime, all things chav.......etc.
Do something that other people think is clever, thus making you think you are equal or more clever than them. Unfortunately that includes all sorts of undesirable actions as well a desirable ones. Hence petty crime, all things chav.......etc.

That may be indicitave of insecurity rather having self esteem IMHO.

It`s a big phsycological subject aint it ?

I found it when I pulled a book on psychology from the shelf & looked in the index... it's on Page 432, 435, 461, 463, & 569 :)
Alas I read the chapter from the beginning & disagreed at the teachings.
The test known as 'The I am' test, where one is to describe self in 20 words or phrases & I went with instinct & answered with 1 word, deciding the rest is merely superficial filler for others to draw their own conclusions.
....went & had a snooze & then read the rest but still couldn't comply with the findings.
It is your personal worth, if feeling worthless then that is low self esteem.

Low self-esteem can incapaciate (sp?) due to trapping one in a viscous cycle of self loathing with lack of confidence in the ability to breakaway.

Often leads to depression and then suicide because there is no confidence in the ability to successfully direct the hand from the plate to mouth and therefore starvation quickly follows.

Read the label of your blue and green pills, it is all on there:D
Quite funny Stephen. As for suicide........I`d kill myself before i done that:eek: Sorry Alice can`t stay serious for too long:D

Actually Alice when I saw your question I thought you had gone into Therapy:D

Oh... they'd enjoy that :) ...not!

Nope, I've got to play this game with school, all about self-worth, promoting self-esteem, reaching ones potential rollocks & I'm going to have to find ways to humour the world & his wife.. Alas I'm thinking this will be somewhat of a curious challange & a total waste of brain function, but needs must n all that.

It would be quite nice if someone would be prepared to argue with me on the subject.
oops..pc word for it is discussion.
I think you already know the answers:D

I know what my answers are which is why I'm seeking input from others.
There's the bit about reflective appraisals. One knows ones worth by the interaction with others. The recent threads on racism or lack of it expressed the example by showing ppl need to feel the have an identity, this they gain by discovering what they are not & building upon affiliations with like minded ppl. But that's not 'self'... thats group culture.
This is something I have a big problem with. I know I can and often I do but I still feel i'm not good enough hence I feel like ****.:(
If it for schoolie paper then work to formula. Included research from different PUBLISHED views of schools of thought, highlighting where they conflict and draw you own conclusion of what you understand it to mean at this stage based on the research and *some* personal thoughts.

Show that you have the ability to research and gained a core understanding of the subject and the ability to draw a conclusion even if its open ended non-conclusion. Unless you doing a thesis for a phD your not expected to break new ground and re-write the book.

Hand in the paper then await an A grade.
Me...! work to formula, that involves rules. :)

On the forum there are lots of educated peeps, one will assume 'well rounded' individuals. So I shall assume they have knowledge & experience on the benefits of promoting the importance of 'self'.

I have conflict with such teachings and so this would be best resolved if I allow 'their' point of view to be understood by me so I can learn what they actually mean.

I got as far as reading about 'attitude', how we stick to original learned experience, seek confirmation that we are right, aligning ourselves to ppl with similar views as opposed to seeking the oppersit which will cause us to re-think & change what we believe to be true.

Hense... dilema, contradition & stimulation of thought which ought not be counterproductive. So....

If the education system is all knowledgeable & states it knows the importance of 'self'.. self-worth, self esteem and self motivation as being fundamental to ones ability to succeed academically and spiritually. Then... Why, in order to prove that is right does it have the need to undermine another individuals right to know their own worth by insisting that 'they' the educating authority are more 'right' than me, a parent.
In doing so they show flaws in their basic understanding of what makes oneself of value.

It is not possible for everyone to be the most important, some may be led to believe that to be true, yet logic states otherwise.
One who thinks they have more right to exist can shoot down others but in turn they will be seen to be of less importance in the eyes of others.

If I acknowledge the importance of self is only important to oneself & usually of little or no importance to others then I cannot promote or teach my child to develop a high self-esteem as it is not a true reflection on how society works.

She is merely one in a class who will not be adorned with praise unless she works to attain it herself & she should not expect to be more worthy than any other member of the class.

Yet the school take delight in raising their hands in despair when I tell them that self-esteem is close to meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
Instantly they are absolved from being less than perfect at teaching by their own standards as they willingly transfer blame for not reaching ones potential onto a parent.
They show no respect for differences of opinion or alternative values in the process.
They attempt to undermine and confuse a child by giving conflicting values yet they preach in their ethos that they readily work in partnership with parents and share in the teaching of the child as a whole to benefit him/her as a complete individual... that's crap.
It only works if I ditch my self-esteem & succumb to their hypocritical lies.
It's so I can learn to be more like them & less like me...

One can assume by the present line the probable outcome will be she'll be asked to leave school. She's very bright, can run rings round the teachers, which is not conducive to attaining good grades. At best they'll give her C grades as she is not applying her intelligence as they require her to do. To save themselves from being marked as poor teachers thus lowering the school in the league tables they opt to rid themselves of difficult children. This is obvious.. why spend time on one when 30 are in need. Sacrifice is inevitable for the good of the whole.

I wish they wouldn't try to place the onus on me when they have already told me that it is their job to teach.
The parents evening has them showing their preconcieved notions & they ask what we think they can do to improve her work.
I ask why is it that she works so well when they put her on report.. they cannot answer.
I say, it works though, all the time you set her targets she makes sure the boxes get ticked. Yet you call this a punishment, perhaps she can see that you are actually acknowledging she is good at stuff. When you take her off report you take away the evidence that says she is worth something, she then gets lost in the croud again.
Mixed messages.
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