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What should come with an older Disco?


In Third Gear
I'm looking at buying a 1991 Disco and am reasonably comfortable about looking at the mechanics of the vehicle (although all advice greatly appreciated). However, I am wondering what should I look for in relation to keys/keyfobs, etc?
I understand that the Disco 1 will have a certain amount of computerised "elements" to it and would dearly love to not have to purchase something similar to a RovacomLite for a single vehicle.

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They had 2 keyfobs when new when i bought my disco 4yrs ago it came with only 1. never bothered buying another. Fob started playing up 6 months ago & i just carried on using it until it died a few weeks ago. I could get in the car with the key but couldn't start it, not good so sent the fob off to a firm in the midlands called remote key ltd. They reconed it for £35. Posted it sat & got it back tues:)

Thinking now about buying a spare:rolleyes: .

Is the 91 disco on carbs or injection
If its a diesel no complicated electrics

Check sills, inner wings, rear wheel arches & rear floor for rust especialy if it has got a sun roof, plus usual areas on the chassis
Thanks for the replies folks. I'll hopefully be having a look before the weekend is out.
A 1998 Disco1 has also shown up but the seller says it will "need a water pump gasket" replaced soon. I've read that late model Disco series 1's suffered from variable build quality. Any thoughts?
mine a 91 plate with central locking altho tempremental and operates from key,never had a fob,check bottom hinge on back door for rust,check all window electrics,and theres no complicated ECU(i think)
Thanks guys, building a mental image of life with an older Disco now :)
Would love to ask the same question on the Defender forum and compare the replies!
Luckily in Ireland our authorities don't spend too much tax-payer's money on salt so rust may not be too bad.
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