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What to spend £200 on?


In Second Gear
Hi all,
I'm looking to spend £200 or so on my 300tdi but i cant decide what to buy.
I'm looking for things that will help on pay and play days really, i've just bought some greenway chaco's and at the moment ( until you guys persuade me otherwise) am thinking of buying some chequer plate that goes around the bottom, a steering guard and diff guards.
It has a bullbar and spots but apart from that its standard.
So what do you reckon i should spend the money on? A lift kit maybe?
if your going do pay and play days the best things you could spend your £200 on would be diff guards, steering guard and chequer plate, ive got a chequer plate kit coming in the morning to fit the bottom of my doors, as i got stuck in a rut on sunday and caused considerable damage to my front wing and lower doors passenger side, wish i,d of spent my money on the essentials instead of the goodies. oh and spend your next £200 on rock and tree sliders!!!!!!!!!!........:( that would be my advice.......:)
Diff guards and steering guard, and maybe some decent recovery kit.
Wouldn't bother with chequer plate. If a door takes a knock all the chequer plate will do is transfer the impact higher up the door or distort the whole thing.
Remove the spoiler first and trim the bumper end caps. Costs nothing and saves you digging them out of the first muddy hole you get wedged in!
Fit a steering guard and diff guard (front is more important than the back if cash is tight.
If you have anything left you may then be able to afford sill protection. This will protect the doors to a degree and negate the need for chequer plate. As C.B. said, it will only transmit damage to somewhere beyond the point of impact.
Lift kit is pretty much a waste of time unless you are going to be doing aggressive off roading (camel trophy discos didn't have a lift) If your springs are shot you may want to consider heavy duty ones which will give a slight lift over std.
The lift kit on my old disco was a waste of money in my opinion. The most vulnerable part of the underside - the diffs, were still the same distance off the ground so I still got stuck in ruts!
Nice one, thanks for that everyone.
Cant wait to try out the disco off road for the 1st time soon at Slindon.:D
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