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How Do I? whats the best way to dispose of a crappy old chassis?


Extreme Landy Fan
my rusted out chassis needs to do one , whats the best way?
i was thinking about chopping it up with my grinder.
anyone up for a chassis chopping party?
bring your own grinder though.:)
When I have done it with mates beofre.. we cut into four sections then trailer it to the scrappy, usualy with other junk!
Sell it to an Irishman living in London :D

(sorry mate, couldn't resist)


lol , only if there is a 90 on top of it that just needs new outriggers.:D

think IL take me grinder to it then.
its going to be sooo satisfying to chop this up.:)
Scrappers has to be the way forward, especially if you've got any other bits you want to get rid of. What's the going rate these days for a ton? Got to be about 60 quid or so.
Your wasting your time cutting it up with an angle grinder and cutting discs Nobs, far easier and quicker to just cut through the box section with a decent hacksaw.
Fly tipping is the way forward, seems everyones at it.

Scrappies should take it away, or give the council a ring(they won't do anything, but you'll have a nice time explaining what a chasis is).
local scrappie wont have it unless its 'rolling'.
if it were rolling id be keeping it.
id roll it right onto e bay.
Take it to a proper scrappy rather then just a car destroyer place. They will take it for sure. I don't know of any near you though. The one we use is Beaver Metals just outside Birmingham.
You know any travellers?? They will probly take it away for selling to a scrappy.. but you wont make nowt that way.....

If you can get it to a scrap metal merchant NOT a car breaker, you'll get good money for it. I got £57 each on two cars I took in, one without and engine and the other without a gear box. Both without tyres - they don't like them. Also, if its a complete vehicle you need to remove all fluids including fluid in shocks. Even windscreen washer fluid.
set fire to it mate!!

Okay it wont get rid of it but chucking it on a bonfire and dancing round the flames will more than make up for the weeks of standing around in the Pi$$ing rain getting snowed on and playing Kites with body panels:D:D:D
Do the UK tool rental companies rent out oxy-acetelyne bottles and torches?

This could be the cheapest and easiest way to cut it into bite size chunks that could make their way into your dustbin over a period of a couple of weeks.

You didn't hear it from me :eek:
Do the UK tool rental companies rent out oxy-acetelyne bottles and torches?
Maybe, but that would be expensive. Oxyfuel is used in shipbreaking for reasons such as cost and speed, but for just one self-disintegrating chassis it wouldn't be worth the guessimated £30+ hire fee. But it would be fun.

Steel has a scrap value, and my council takes steel. There is no reason to dump it in the trash.

Jonathan Paton
Hacksaw it up and off to the scrap metal merchant . Don't forget to push concrete , bricks or anything else inside the legs to increase the weight :D. You'll maybe find that you may be as well just to take it to the local dump in bits - some of these scrap dealers yards are hellish for punctures :( .

My mate got some local , ahem , persons of no fixed abode in to remove scrap . The very next week the yard was professionaly robbed :)
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