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Wheel/tyre sizes? Bamboozled.


In Third Gear
Hi ,
I,m confused by tyre/wheel size combinations. Mr recently purchased defender 90 circa 1994 has 205/80R16 fitted. My research shows that 265/75r16 would have been an original fitment. If I am to replace tyres /wheels how far from the original size is it safe to go before possible transmission damage? Can anyone definitively confirm what should be the correct (original) size?

Thanks for advice in anticipation.
hi defenderbill.

dunno about originals but I have been running 235/75/16 on mods with no alteration, i get no scuffing and certainly havent had any problems with transmission (not that werent already there before)

The original fitment would fo been 205 R16 on a 94' 90. They original owner could of specified 7.50 R16's though, they were a common fitment, and were mostly fitted to 109's and 110's (I think???) as standard. 235/85 R16 is the metric equivelent, the same height as 7.50's but about 20mm wider.
You wont damage your trasmission whatever you put on, so longs as you have 4 and not mix 205's and 235/85's for eg. AND have the same size spare, its no good having a 205 spare, you'll wind up the trasmission.
Most people run 235/85's or 7.50's, some run 265's. I'm running 750's at the moment.
You won't damage your trans of diffs running a larger tyre, so long as you have the same size at every corner:)
You will get a lift to with larger tyres, a couple of inches from 205's to 7.50. And your speedo will read wrong, it'll be 10% out with 7.50s or 235/85s. You can get a gear to go in the gearbox, just a small one on the end of the speedo cable to get the speedo to read right. Ring up Bearmach and tell them what size tryes you got and they'll send the corresponding gear:) Was about 9 quid for the gear when i did mine.

Cheers, Ben
Running 285/75/16s for the last two years with no tranny probs. As said it just gears it up a little, which helps me for motorway speeds.
Apologies for a late reply, but thanks to all for their input.
There is some good guidance at the moment on a couple of open threads,


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