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When you are out and about........

To drive or to navigate, which do you prefer?

  • Drive

    Votes: 11 84.6%
  • Navigate

    Votes: 2 15.4%

  • Total voters


Posting Guru
.............greenlaning, treasure hunting, trialling, comp safari or just going for a drive to somewhere new, do you prefer to drive or navigate:rolleyes:

cheers, Tim
Drive drive drive every time. Love driving hate being a passenger. If we are both going out in the Landy, there is usually a race to get to the driver's seat first, and various skulduggery to try and stop the other person getting there :D
I drive. 'Getting there' or wondering where I might be doesn't matter to me so long as Landy can still go brum.
Prefer a bit of both, can get boring doing only the one thing...

Ask Dave H, i usually sit happily in the passenger seat when we are out lanning, enjoying the ride :D (lazy yo may say)

Wheres the fun in thet. I have to do both. Even if i ask someone else to do it they still muck it up and means i have to do their job aswell. :rolleyes: There's nowt a feeling like trying to drive down a narrow lane whilst reading an OS map upside down, while chatting on the CB. :D
navgate but i always end up driving an often a leader as well

would be nice to be a passenger again enjoy the countryside be driven about

really enjoyed it last time when the truck blew up and we dumped it for recovery later
Drive all the time, I find it relaxing sometimes, though I do about 1500 miles a week with my job, I never find it boring. Even drove up to the top of Norway and back in just 2 weeks over 6200 miles, and when I got back on the sunday night, started work the next day, that was 26 days of constant driving:eek:.
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