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Whirring, creeking kind of noise


Hi folks

Disco 300TDi (1997) has recently developed a whirring, creeking kind of noise. Kinda hard to describe really but distinctive.

Its particularly noticeable when its just started from cold. Turning the steering wheel makes it louder but its there all the time.

First thought was the power steering but I have checked the power steering for leaks and there doesn't seem to be any anywhere. Fluid is well-topped up and hasn't dropped noticeably since I last serviced the old gal.

I know the serpentine belt is squealing a little and thats on the list of jobs to be done but other than that not much is wrong.

Any helpful suggestions?

Take off the aux belt and spin the tensioner pulley. It should spin almost silently. I would guess the bearing is on it's way out. The bearing can be replaced, as opposed to the whole unit. Just remember, the bolt is left-handed.
Finally got round to doing the job today.

Took the tensioner off and spun the pulley. Sounded dreadful.

Replaced the bearing with one I got off eblag (hour and a bit job) and it is almost silent now.

Thanks Nomad :)

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