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White page issues have returned!

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Deleted member 2171

The white page of doom has returned to haunt me once again. :( I think it's started because of this recent security update. Help?
I am getting it occasionally; we may have a wee glitch I think :eek: We'll try and get to the bottom of it as soon as we can :)
If Rich means; when you click on the 'go' button to switch forums you get a 'This page cannot be displayed' page, then I am getting it quite frequently now, as well.

I use 'back' to return to whatever I was doing and, so far, it has been successful. Glitch it probably is.

Sorry to say that it's not. If anything, it has got worse now and happens more often. :(
Interestingly, it's stopped happening for now without me having done anything. :confused:
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