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Who's cheapest for modified landy insurance ?


In Second Gear
The annual phone around for insurance has arrived again. I have a modified TD5 with roll cage, I am finding that as soon as you say the words roll cage they can't put the phone down on you quick enough. The only people that have quoted me so far are Adrian Flux and Graham Sykes.

What are other peoples experiences and who have you found to give the cheapest quote ?
Insurance companies are a law unto themselves. However, they are bound by certain regulations and one of them is, if a modified vehicle has been given an MOT (tested of course after the modifications have been fitted) and passed this strict test then, because it has been deemed roadworthy by the Ministry of Transports strict rules regarding road safety etc, then there is no legal excuse not to issue the car with insurance. Tell them so.
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I found Adrian Flux cheapest for me, for a modified 90. NFU were almost twice the cost. Firebond would have been the cheapest as £130 for me if I'd been able to the keep the 90 on a drive way, but with it on the road AF just came in cheaper at £215. It does seem totally random though, and what works out cheapest for one isn't necessarily cheap for another.
I have been paying £865 for my defenders with CIS but after i fitted a 200tdi they wouldnt insure me as its an engine modification so i went to confused.com and ended up with a policy with lancaster for £330.

Adrian flux were extremely expensive but they said it was due to my age.
Try Footman James, I've been using them for years. Exellent service and prices. Insured my trialler, full roll cage etc, £72.00 fully comp. The good thing is, they know Land Rovers:)
I use HIC, and they insure for some types trials, engine mod to 200Tdi and rebuilt galvy chassis, susp mods and oter mods. think was £340 or thereabouts, used them 3 yrs and v,happy:) :)
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