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Why does my disco do this.....?


Its a 200TDi,driving along at higher speeds,the temp' is spot on,1/2 way up the gauge,but driving round town or sat in traffic the temp' goes right down.It is like it is over cooling.
I put a new 'stat in a bit back but just a cheap one from the motorist shop,would a genuine LR one make any difference.
No, the Stat doesn't regulate the temperature, it opens at 88 ( or whatever it should) at stays open. The radiator will be overcooling in this weather.

I used to cover up the bottom third of my 2a rad with cardbord to keep it warm. Then I bought a Muff, but that's another story.....;)

would a genuine LR one make any difference.

1)Hardly,"genuine Land Rover" means a badge on the box and a much higher price.

2) You could check that the fan is not siezed and giving full revs all the time,you should be able to spin it easily with the engine off.

Health and safety advice
Don't put your fingers in there when its running:)

However,if one was silly enough to do this and the fan was working correctly,it would be possible to stop it with the engine running,so I have heard.:)

3)You could consider an electric fan,this will only work as required.

4)We have had a 200Tdi Range Rover and a 300TDi Discovery in the past,both kept us warm in cold weather.

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Fitted an electric fan to my 300 Tdi Disco last summer (after replacing cyclinder head - another story)

I have found that for normal running the fan does not cut in at all, with the temperature gauge just on halfway. The fan only comes on when working hard pulling a horse trailer or caravan up hill, and soon cools down again afterwards.

I was very suprised at this and it made me think how much energy is being wasted with a viscouse fan st up.

It also heats up a lot quicker from start

nomoreleafs, my toy had the same symptoms when i got it (300 Tdi though). I replaced the thermostat and everything got back to normal. I found that it had an el cheapo 'stat in it. I think that what I bought was from Allmakes (88 degrees).
But, before replacing the 'stat make absolutely sure that there's no air in the system, it doesn't leak or "burns" coolant, no bubbles in the expansion tank at any time.
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