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Why wont my TD5 start !!


In Third Gear

Went for a drive today, 60 miles or so, and when I returned to the car after 2 hours or so, the thing is dead...

battery is fine..

when i turn the key, i hear a little squelch noise from the rear...possibly fuel pump ? for a fraction of a sec..

No turnover at all..
glow light comes on and goes out..
with ignition on, just have battery and oil lights...normal right ?

its as if someone has installed an imobiliser whilst ive been away, and I dont
have the fob...
The truck did used to have one, but its (as far as I know) been disconnected...
i only have a sinlge key and have never had a prob...

so, some nice fellow towed me, and it started.... when i turned it off, same thing...

one thing though...after jump starting it, and whilst it was running, the
engine warning light watyed on all the way home....

when i turned it off and tried to start it again, nothing, nada, zip...

please please please...any suggestions ?

Sounds like a problem in the ECU then... Have you looked in it/unplugged the cable to see if oil has seeped down the loom into the ECU? That is a common fault, and although it would usually happen gradually and give poor performance, its a possibility
youll need to tell me where the ecu is so i can check it !!..

the engine doesnt turn over..

its almost like its a starter motor prob, but im 90% sure it isnt....
Does the temp guage go stright into the red when the ignition is in position 2?

ECU is under the drivers seat. Unplug the red connector (with ignition off) and see if any oil is in there. if there is clean it out with brake cleaner (or similar) and let dry then reconnect. Then try and start will probably miss fire and will need injector harness and rocker cover gasket to be changed at least if not full engine harness.

But if the temp guage goes into the red then...under the drivers seat there are some relays (i think, one yellow and one black) the connector the yellow one plugs into the pins can become loose and not grip the relay properly tighten up and all should be right, will need faults to be cleared.
Just thought of another couple of things.

Get it running by towing it how you were before then leave it running for a while, while it is running put you hand on the filter head (bit the fuel filter screws into, just infront of the drivers side rear wheel, you'll have to take the cover off) if it's hot then chances are your fuel pump is fine. If cold or warm and your fuel pump is making a rather funny squeeling noise then the pump is nackard.
Where are you located??

Any where near the midlands and I could plug my laptop in for you for a small fee... that way we can find out exactly what the fault is.

Hi Ian,

Im 9 miles south of m4 j17...

bahh !!!

how big would your fee need to be to come fix it anyway ??
or at least diagnose...

im pretty much stranded at moment.

For sale:
2001 (51)TD5 110 hardtop in white. 122K FSH, 8700 quids worth of receipts. 11 months Tax 10 months Test.
Few dents, and needs a good valet (thanks dogs).. but drives well.
Doesnt start. see above. Ha Ha!!!
5600 no vat no offers.
Hi Jonv8... whats testbook ?

does the fuel pump have any intelligence like "send an error to the ECU if pressure not present"...hence dont even try and turn over...

Hi, I had the same problem some time ago, it prooved to be the earth strap on the starter, simply wire brushed refitted and covered in copper grease all ok now, but it has happened since, and its always down to the earth strap, hope this helps its quick and easy and costs nothing to check.
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