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How Do I? will my engine over heat?


Extreme Landy Fan
ive used my petrol rad and i dont have a shroud for it , even if i did it wouldnt fit anyways , so , wull my engine over heat without the shroud between the engine and rad?
and if so , what car from a wreckers yard can i butcher to get the electric fan off?
The shroud is there to draw all the air through the rad. While you drive, the Ram Air effect pushes the air through, that's why you have a Viscous fan, it free wheels when it isn't needed. You might notice the engine warm up when in traffic as the fan will draw air from the sides. It's like water, air will take the easiest route..

ive just been given this , a neighbour of mine kindly donated his old rad and fans , its off a 2ltr turbo rover.
what do you think guys , would it work?
i have two options , wire them up to a switch on the dash or to a sensor on the engine , the latter of which im not so sure about.
does the 19j have such a sensor? or do i need to plumb one into the rad?


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I had no shroud on and in the summer lanning i got very very very very very hot, also sitting in traffic for long periods it got hot aswell..

That set up is from a car with Air con ( 2 fans).

Use a relay and fuse straight off the battery. A switch in the cab to Manually override it, as and when you need it, but put a Temperture sender switch in as well, then if you forget, it will start the system up. Is there on in the rad? A largish connection.

Take it off his engine and see if it will adapt. if the housing is totally different, make a piece of pipe with a screw in from a Plumbers supplies, stick it in the top hose.

fitting the sensor wont be a problem , but which sensor do i use?
if i use the original from the motor the fans came from , wont the switching be dependant on the temp range of the original motor?
so , if the original motor runs cold as normal , my engine wont ever reach normal operating temperature.
The sensor will only switch the fans on when the top of the radiator gets too hot. If it runs too cold, the fans don't need to work.

The sensor will only switch the fans on when the top of the radiator gets too hot. If it runs too cold, the fans don't need to work.


but if the switch isn't calibrated to my engine , wouldn't the switches idea of to hot , and my engines idea of to hot be two different things?
No, they are both a Diesel, the engine in the Rover car is the Prima, a version of the L series in the Freelander. They will come on at about the same temperature.

Nobber, most petrol engined cars with an electric fan will have a sensor that switches on at about 80 degrees or there abouts. Go to RJK breakers down the road in Erith, they have a couple of TAXIs that are fitted with fans that will be suitable.
19j is an engine you should be especially careful with when it comes to cooling. Although more money you could have recored original rad and kept viscous fan and shroud ? I think that is a more efficient cooling system. Interestingly enough Turners don`t recommend electric fans as they are the chief cause of engine failures on older Landys.... ie fans failing and causing overheating.
Anything can be made to work though with a bit more planning

food for thought guys , i think I'm gonna keep the viscous and put the electric on a switch.
without the shroud i don't know how effective the viscous will be but at least i will have a back up should it get too hot.
with the absence of a TD radiator my cooling system has become complicated in a none standard kind of way , Ive got a td5 disco gearbox cooler perched in front of my rad cooling my engine oil and now Ive got to change the fan/water cooling as well.
hopefully though this will all work a little better than a stock cooling system , mmm , or it might just blow my engine up.
we shall see i guess.
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