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In Fourth Gear
Winches, can they be driving of the front crankshaft? do they have to be fro the PTO?
i am looking for a mechanical or hydraulic winch but have an overdrive fitted so that means i cant you a pto. but have acces to a machine shop so could make pretty much anything that i need to turn a winch input but not sure if i could turn a capstain in put at the crank speed?

this will be my first winch and do need some help. i do not want electric as i can afford one just yet but if anyone has and old in need of a stripdown and repair winch then i would be very intsrested.
Yes some Fairey Winches do run off the front of the engine. They use some sort of dog clutch as far as I know, and I do know that my 2A had one once fitted.
Most crankshaft driven winches are Capstan type. I think Aeroparts did one. I thnk ACH would probably be well up on the subject, and Tony109 may have a few ideas too.

I think a second hand electric winch would be cheaper, as well as easier to find complete.


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Yah i saw thoses on ebay.
i may be able to get an electric one but i think i will need another battery as well.
thinking of getting involved in some off road stuff so hence the winch. not bothered if it is hand operated but want something to get me going. not sure off what load ect i need to be able to just get me out off trouble should i need it and of course there is the price. now i could spend alot and get a all singing and dancing but i do not think i need it plus i do not care what it looks like not one for fashion, but like the look of the capstain winches.
however the electric one look very good and i see alot of them around and i suppose they are very good.
will keep looking in the scrap yards.
If your looking for a winch to use on the SWB motor, ideally you are looking for one with a minimum pull of 6,000lbs, more is better, but also more expensive!. Again depending on the amount and type of use you anticipate, the standard battery should cope OK with the occasional use.
You might be able to find a good deal on a used electric winch. Over here you can usually buy used Warn 8274's for $300. They are great winches and completely rebuildable. They are rated 8000lbs but that may be somewhat conservative.

If you need one for casual use you may be able to find a MileMarker electric, here they are ~300-$400 new(here), rated 800lbs and OK for most people's uses.

T-Max makes some nice winches and they seem to be inexpensive. They are Chinese made like the Mile Marker electric but decent for the $.
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